Wednesday, October 12, 2011

“Deb’s Delight”

My adventure in watercolor has brought me to a new challenge, Glass. Well at least an “Appletini” challenge for now. Up until now any attempts at glass were as sketches or ink drawings, I usually get as far as the outline and basic shadows. Oh and did I say only in my private sketch pads where no one else would see. Something about glass just didn’t click.

Painting and drawing glass that is realistic and believable is a challenge. I’m a “jump feet first and learn as you go” kinda person for most things. I usually pick up pretty quick. So why is glass giving me such a problem? And then I read a response to a post that I made. Something I have heard over and over through the years as a child is school art classes. But it was the second half of the statement that really woke me up. “Draw what you see, Not what you think you see.”

So, now I am challenging myself and I have committed to painting something that I have always had difficulty with and “Not what you think you see” ringing in my ears.
The results!! I’ll let you be the judge!!

The future is ‘foggy”, but mountains of fun! When the fog clears, inspiration follows!!


  1. Lovely cocktail and glass. You did a great job! xx

  2. Deb...this is your colors, your clean reflections...looks like you "got the hang of it" to me.