Friday, September 23, 2011

Back To Painting!

Sometimes life just gets in the way of creativity, so I've been away for a little while. Long story short, I lost my painting space for a short time.  Although the definition of short comes into question when it comes to creativity. My painting space is back and it's time to create.

I used the time to fight frustration and search for inspiration. Won't give away the places I visited, you will have to wait for the paintings!! My table in place, palette filled, brushes on the ready, photos and thumbnail sketches prepared. What next?

Before jumping into my inspirations, I joined Painting Friends in a Demo by Mollie Jones. While I regret being unable to travel to the event, I was able to see the demo virtually. Through Mollie's demo, words of encouragement and trial and error, I'm learning new techniques on how to "loosen up" my painting.

This is something I will definitely try again soon. Guess I need to look for more inspirations! In the meantime, the next challenge to explore is glass. Watch for my next post, I'll be back soon!

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