Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy week

This week has been a little out of sorts, toward the crazy side. Trying to finish projects I've started and get a few things ready for a last minute show opportunity. Well at least most of what I set out to do is done.
My son has some of my prints in the "Tides of March" on Folly Beach this weekend, a half way decent business card, my first ACEO's are done, (willl be posted on Facebook, then Etsy). I still have 2 originals I am working on, maybe I can get back to them now that the "maddness" is done.

For those who are in the Charleston, SC area, The "Tides of March" event is taking place at the Folly River Park on Folly Beach March 13-14, Satuday 10-4, Sunday 1-4. See my Facebook fan page, become a fan and get the special offer Good only for the "Tides of March".