Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photogaphs and permissions

OK, I forget about the blog when I get busy. The painting I started before our family came to visit is finished. And the photographer who so kindly allowed me to use his work to paint from has seen the painting.
I'm pretty sure he was happy with the outcome.

Yes, I work from photographs, more now then ever before. Sometimes one photo catches my interest so much that I paint from a single photo, sometimes I use a number of photos as reference, sometimes the photo just triggers an idea and I run with it. I use to take all my own photos for reference, but getting out to shoot isn't always that easy these days. While I have a vast photo library, some are old news, everyone has painted them or they just don't interest me like they use too. I needed fresh inspiration.

Thanks to our lovely social networking systems on the Internet, I have recently caught up with a lot of my old friends. One of whom is a professional photographer and photography teacher.
After seeing some of his photographs on line I came upon one that I drew my attention. Over the next 2 weeks I caught myself planning the painting, making rough sketches, debating on the size of the painting. But one key factor here was missing. The photographers permission.

Forgoing copyright, which by the way is very important, for the personal side of things, I know what it is like to see something I've created being copied or out right used without permission.
NEVER, I repeat, NEVER use anyone else's work for reference or otherwise without permission. It will come back to haunt you.........

After contacting Kenny, and receiving his permission to use the photo as reference, the rest is in the picture! "Autumn leaf on a cabin roof"
My photo reference was compliments of Kenny McKeithan, of Kenny McKeithan Photography
http://www.kennymckeithanphotography.com/ . Stop by and check out some of his work!


  1. So kind of Kenny to give you permission to use his photo. Well done you for asking - and for making such a beautiful painting from it :)

  2. I love your watercolor paintings, which I miss so much doing myself, and this one is fabulous! It's so simple, yet it speaks to me. With autumn coming on it makes me anxious to see leaves falling--even though I'm saddened to think that summer is leaving us. It's so wonderful to see someone like you picking up where she left off years earlier. Your excitement is contagious. Please stop by my blog sometime via my Etsy shop...mydreamgarden. Therese